Why Enter the CIPD People Management Awards


Entering the CIPD People Management Awards is a fantastic way to get your team and their work recognised. The PMAs recognise the hard work behind successful projects, and winning helps boost your team’s morale and improves motivation.


Winning an award improves brand awareness and promotes your organisation to new business opportunities, clients and candidates. Winners’ stories are featured in People Management and across CIPD events and social media. 


Enter the Awards to put your team and work in front of our amazing judges. Our judges are senior HR leaders from the CIPD and top companies. 


Your work will be benchmarked against the best in the industry and recognised by both the CIPD and your peers. And what’s more, a win gives you a seal of approval and differentiates you from your competitors.


Winning a People Management Award makes your organisation more attractive to new talent, and that extra boost in recognition will mean people will want to come and work for you. Shouting about your award is a real asset when it comes to promoting your business, your own profile and attracting talent.


The process of putting together an entry allows you to take stock of what you have achieved and reflect on your success. The entry process helps you analyse what made the project a success, giving you the ability to further improve your organisation. 

Quotes from our past winners


Winner of Best change management initiative 2020 

'In a competitive market, this award has enhanced our ability to attract great talent to our HR function. It has also given us an opportunity to celebrate success, recognising the contribution of all those who played a part in the change programme.'

Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company

Winner of Best coaching and mentoring initiative 2020 

'Receiving external recognition from professional bodies points to us having the right approach and tools to implement it. The news about us winning the CIPD Award spread very fast and lots of our partners from within and outside The Coca-Cola system reached out to us to find out more. We are happy to share our learnings and support those seeking to improve or establish similar initiatives.'

Tailored Thinking

Winner of Best HR/L&D consultancy 2020 

'Winning the award has been game changing in getting recognition and interest from clients and collaborators. People have been curious about the work we have done and interested about how they can implement and invest in similar ideas and initiatives.'


Winner of HR/L&D team of the year 2020 

'The biggest benefit of completing the entry was that it gave us an opportunity to see in black and white exactly what we have achieved. When you are constantly busy and progressing you rarely have an opportunity to look back and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Looking at our entry we could see the enormity of the journey we had completed – the major milestones we had hit – and crucially just how well we had all performed during some difficult times.'